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What is ‘Hi-gloss level’ Polyester Resin and Lacquer coating?

This process consists of spraying 3 very thick coats of polyester clear filler over the finished artwork. This Polyester is then manually sanded smooth to a 1000grit sanded finish. An additional 3 coats of Acrylic Polyurethane lacquer 100% gloss is sprayed and followed by a baking process. The artwork will then be left for two weeks. At this point the lacquer is sanded from 2000 grit to 3000grit then buffed to a mirror finish with a festool water based polishing compound. Finally the lacquer will be waxed.

Its important to note at this point the lacquer will have a perfect gloss level and needs to be handled with the upmost care. It should be dusted with a feather duster and if cleaning is required, specialist cloth and cleaner should be used. Your finished piece should be treated in the same manner as a show car!